a different way to teach


The Acompaña Programme is an initiative designed to assist the teachers who use SM’s materials in applying new methodology in their classrooms by giving them practical, simple advice that will help them create meaningful experiences for their pupils.

This ongoing, personalised programme will help you make the most of Savia and give you resources you can use to mould the course in your own way. The aim of the programme is to ensure that you feel confident using our Acompaña is also our way of bringing the Savia teaching community together with a team of experts.


The course provides you with practical information. It is designed to be flexible, so you can work with it at your own pace and adapt it to your needs. You’ll have access to renowned experts, receive personalised assistance through your tutor, learn from the experiences of other teachers and earn a certificate from SM.


This module introduces teachers to the theory and basic principles behind CLIL methodology and offers practical ideas that can be applied in the classroom.

CLIL methodology offers a theoretical and practical insight into how the learning of both content and English, CLIL, may be combined into a single educational experience.

We will explore the methodology through three modules: DISCOVER, THINK AND CREATE, FINAL TASK