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  • Savia Social Science

savia social science

Makes learning about history and geography fun for pupils. Illustrations, timelines showing key historical events and concept maps enhance learning.Each unit stresses the importance of looking at events and facts from different perspectives and encourages pupils to use critical thinking, laying the foundation for language scaffolding.


key aspects

Timelines and diagrams that engage pupils in the learning process.

A communicative approach with careful sequencing to help pupils build a wide range of skills.

Cross-curricular content presented alongside the content of the subject.

A focus on group work and role playing in the classroom, reinforced with learner-centred activities.

Activities to help you prepare your pupils for external examinations.

Pupil ’s book
1 Primary
1 Primary

Includes audio recordings.  


I like school
1. The place where I live
2. Home sweet home
3. What is the weather like?
4. The world where I live
5. Yesterday, today, tomorrow
6. An adventure through time

ISBN: 9788416346080

ISBN ANDALUCIA: 9788416346301

2 Primary
2 Primary

Includes audio recordings.


1. My planet
2. A world of landscapes
3. Land, water and air
4. In my village or in your city?
5. So many jobs!
6. Tell me a story

ISBN: 9788415743675

ISBN ANDALUCIA: 9788416346325 

3 Primary
3 Primary

Includes audio recordings and Magazine


1. The universe
2. Earth
3. Landscapes change
4. The palce I live
5. Time matters
6. Our history

ISBN: 9788415743910

ISBN ANDALUCIA: 9788416346127

4 Primary
4 Primary

Includes audio recordings and Magazine.


0.The solar system and Earth
1. Weather and climate
2. Water and rocks
3. The relief, rivers and landscapes of Spain
4. Spain and its population
5. Prehistory
6. Ancient Times

ISBN: 9788415743750

ISBN ANDALUCIA: 9788416346349

5 Primary
5 Primary

Includes audio recordings and Magazine.


1.Earth and the universo
2.Relief and climate
4.The economy and its sectors
5.Money and business
6.The Middle Ages
7.The Modern Age

ISBN: 9788415743958

ISBN ANDALUCIA: 9788416346141

6 Primary
6 Primary

Includes audio recordings and Magazine.           


1.The landscapes of Spain
2.The landscapes of Europe
3.Early Contemporary Times
4.The 20th century
5.We are citizens
6.We are Europeans

ISBN: 9788415743835

ISBN ANDALUCIA: 9788416346363

Work book
3 Primary
3 Primary

Sold separately. Includes an Audio CD.

ISBN: 9788415743927

4 Primary
4 Primary

Sold separately. Includes an Audio CD.

ISBN: 9788415743767

5 Primary
5 Primary

Sold separately. Includes an Audio CD.

ISBN: 9788415743965

6 Primary
6 Primary

Sold separately. Includes an Audio CD.

ISBN: 9788415743842


Your pupils’personal workspace

Teacher’s Guide

Teaching notes with suggestions on guiding group activities and using role playing in the classroom on Saviadigital.

Flashcards and wordcards

Included in the Classroom box.

They help pupils acquire and consolidate key concepts and provide visual support for activities.

Interactive posters

To help you consolidate the key concepts of each unit.

On Saviadigital
  • CLIL Term Projects.
  • Digital Resources.
  • Classroom Boxes.
  • Mixed-ability Booklet.
  • Assessment Booklet.
  • Class CD.
English - Spanish / Spanish - English 
Levels: Primary 
Ages: 8 - 12
My World Learner’s Dictionary takes learners on bilingual programmes straight to the words and definitions they need!
Why choose My World?
My World gives learners everything they need for sucess. This reference tool helps develop learner autonomy skills online and with the print version. It is the perfect companion for students on bilingual programmes! 
  • Over 9,200 English-Spanish terms from the UDP bilingual corpus.
  • Quick reference in class, at home or anywhere!
  • The digital format allows for easy classroom ICT support and consultation.
  • Instructive definitions provide clear answers.
  • Colourful illustrations and organization make looking for information fun.
  • 60 full-page illustrations of lexical groups, concepts and CLIL vocabulary.
  • 30 page Conversation Guide provides a reference where pupils need it.
  • Check doubts easily with Grammar Boxes and a Grammar Summary in Spanish.


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