who are we?


A team of professionals with extensive experience in consultancy, training, teaching  and editing. We are committed to providing top quality educational services, materials and practical teaching resources. We strive to work together with schools to guide them in CLIL so they can support students though the exciting challenges of pluriingualism.


Our authors

Native British teachers, teacher trainers, consultants and experts in CLIL and EFL, who are dedicated to writing practical textbooks and resources, to help teachers from very different realities achieve the best in their everyday teaching.


Our Editors

A team of experienced teaching professionals, who offer the best methodological strategies and innovative teaching programmes that can be integrated naturally into your classes. We create student centred materials and support teachers by offering a variety of strategies and resources to cater for different learning paces and styles.


Our Educational Consultants

A team of CLIL and ELT experts who provide tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of teachers, heads and schools, taking into account each individual educational project.  Training, Mentoring and other services are offered that adapt to the reality of each school to make your plurilingual project a success!.